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Scroll word

This file show you how to code LabVIEW to scroll a word like a LED. With this app you can design your own LED on LabVIEW. You can use subVI in this app to do another program. It's so useful if you like LED. In this subVI, it consider your text as a graphic to draw....

Grab any screen picture

Set screen grabs the pixel coordinates of the range runs you can grab screen picture screen setting range...

LabVIEW calculator

Calculator in the LabVIEW environment, you can add, subtract, multiply, divide, square root, power and other basic operations. As an executable file exe...

Labview draws lissajous figures

Draw a lissajous figure using Labview2014 software can help students understand the process of lissajous figures, help students analyze the lissajous figure changes, and learn to use lissajous figures for their own services....

LabVIEW Gauss function matrix

Application background                                                                               ...

This is a three story elevator simulation

Application backgroundIs a LabVIEW based on the three layer of the elevator simulation, you can choose the floor of the button, the button inside the box to control the elevator running up and down...


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