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Labview signal generator and processor

Using LabVIEW Prepare a complete application, complete the following functions: 1 、 Generates a sine wave, stacking a noise signal from the interface you can adjust the noise and signal amplitude Degree, frequency of this signal as signal source of subsequent analysis; 2 , Disp...

Binary sequences of best judgment LabVIEW implementation

Best judgment LabVIEW implementation of binary sequences, sentence bipolar, unipolar, and probability can be adjusted. Able to display its error rate and receive waveforms, BER curve, and other functions. 1.,111,111,111,111,11e,+94...

Face recognition

This VI can allow you to use face recognition by using Labview , first you need to set your template ( mouth , nose and eye ) then replace the pnj files after that you can run and the program will do the work...

LabVIEW data entry

For read access to data collected from the test device, can be used for precision measurements, and so on, for novice readers of LabVIEW is a great help....

LabVIEW command PC

LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench, laboratory virtual instrumentation Engineering Workbench) is a United States national instruments graphical programs compile platform developed by the company, inventor of jiefu·Kao degrees, his (Jeff Kodosky), the program was initi...

Motion processing cache

Motion control systems, in order to improve operating efficiency, must be used to parallel, and at other times is built on top of the serial in parallel, that is the next station is a station on the results of that decision, which must be used to cache, this example is a simple demo programs, manipu...

Craps simulation program

Press the button once again dice simulation, while the corresponding figure for the number of occurrences under the record, is a random process simulation, based on labview, easy to understand...

Virtual oscilloscope

Application background LabVIEW is a graphical programming language, it is widely used by industry, academia and research laboratories, as a standard data acquisition and instrument control software. LabVIEW integrates with GPIB, VXI, RS-232 and RS-485All functions of the protocol's hardware and...


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