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Multi-channel data acquisition system

LabVIEW-based PC interface stm32f0 discovery of multi-channel data acquisition system with onboard chip stm32f051r8t6 12-bit ADC to achieve high precision data acquisition, and sends the collected data to LabVIEW PC interface display...

Labview - Drag and Drop - Built-in Source Data

This VI illustrates the use of a built-in Drag and Drop source with custom Drag and Drop data.  The signal names in the Tree control are draggable items that will produce their corresponding signals when dropped on the Waveform Chart indicator.  ...

U disk to copy files

Call DL file Windows, gets u disk is in the drive on your PC, and then copies files to the u. Source is as follows. Determines whether the specified drive type: GetDriveTypeA function Identification 1 the function based on the root drive is a floppy drive or CD/DVD drive or hard disk. D...

Tank program using Labview while loop

This is simple labview program to understand while loop with string dispaly. This program helps you understand the while alone the starting an ending values of the loop....


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