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US" style="font-size:9pt;font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;">CUDA是Compute Unified Device Architecture的缩写。 代码中主要包含CUDA的基本功能库,图像立体匹配源代码,图像处理源代码和模板匹配源代码等,还包含了测试数据。...

Fatigue detection

Program provides eye fatigue monitoring, real-time detection of human eyes and analyze images using OpenCV and VC + +, when human eye fatigue, the system sends an alert....

APM fixed point pattern analysis

Application backgroundMainly for the poshlod APM model, a more detailed analysis of the notes, in order to understand the open source APM four axis code to provide an interface to better understand the flight of the aircraft. Some of the notes due to my understanding is still shallow, not able to cl...

Image processing development kit

Application background& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; this is a very good image processing development kit, is graduate school when the teacher took us to do a project, can be a variety of image processing operations. Code is written in c++, there is no bug, you can normally run. Very trial in image process...

Kalman_camshift tracking moving objects based on vs2012+opeopencv2.4.9

Application backgroundWhen using 2.4.9 VS+opencv in   when moving object tracking, the existing procedures are just a combination of Camshift procedures, the disadvantage is that when the target is met, easy to lose. In order to solve this problem, I introduce the knowledge of Kalman, and predi...

Using binocular vision draw coordinates

size:16px;"> 程序是先对摄像机进行标定,然后得出视差图,再利用视差图得出三维坐标.代码有详细的注释,每个步骤都很完善,亲测可以使用的...

IGES interpreter


Implement TMAC OMNeT

In omnet4.0 platform to achieve more tmac agreement, which has detailed protocol implementation code, which has the agreement of all performance tests, you only need to create a new project and then import about recompiled to run. The simulation network mesh network...

Background modeling, as well as several shadow removal method


ray tracing program for the natural seismic tomography, can be used to make slig...

ray tracing program for the natural seismic tomography, can be used to make slight changes in other areas....

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