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Replant J1939 Codes and ucOSII On the Freescale 16 bit MCU(Mc9s12dp256).

Replant J1939 Codes and ucOSII On the Freescale 16 bit MCU(Mc9s12dp256)....

Facial expression recognition

文档这些文件包含您的 CSdi_opencvDoc 类。编辑这些文件到添加特殊的文档数据并执行文件保存和加载(通过 CSdi_opencvDoc::Serialize)。sdi_opencvView.h、 sdi_opencvView.cpp-文档的视图这些文件包含您的 CSdi_opencvView 类。CSdi_opencvView 对象用来...

Combined camshift and Kalman

The camshift shortcomings, advantages of using Kalman, predict later withered camshift, keeps track of the target, which makes tracking camshift works well...

Vehicle detection based on VC++

Vehicle Detection: a recognition of the vehicle contour, and that the vehicle contour 2 shows the relative speed of the vehicle, after testing, the actual available....

Eighth group Freescale Semiconductor smart car camera programs (IAR)



ucos?J1939xieyide ziliao,tongguoyanzhengde,yao xia de gan jin a ,shi jian bu duo le a...

Read obj file is based on MFC

based program is visual studio 2010 project. Which contains several obj model, using the mouse to rotate the model, hold down the ctrl key can slow down the speed of rotation, the model can be scaled via the mouse wheel....

Super 5vs5 code available, VC program

- -->SimuroSot5vs5 ball robot simulation group of the source Soccer Robot Simulation Group SimuroSot5vs5 of the source. VC to compile, run, features and powerful beat a lot of good code, offense, sharp. Defense is active, it is suitable for research....

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