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network-based service control chip TF- 320 embedded web server source code, debugging...

computer vision

computer vision based on vs2010+openCV2.4.5get the 10 pairs of images to calculate the more determined parameter of the cameras, including the focal length, the rotation and transition, and recalculate the points to a 3-D world.with some pixels error, but good at almost the whole sampled pictur...

Using binocular vision draw coordinates

Procedure is to calibrate the camera first, and that disparity map and coordinates using disparity maps drawn. the code has the detailed annotation, each step is perfect, can use logging...


GUI interface version 2.0 in speaker recognition system inputs needed for this project are: 1 the original speech signal input (WAV format) 2 speech recognition input signal (WAV format)Required output for this project: 1 original MFCC coefficient of speech signals (13 d); 2 original speech signal c...


Taiwan Terawins market for almost all analog TFT Screen Driver IC T100-T101-T103-T118 series of source code...


open remote telnet service code, the remote machines, machines can be opened to the plc services....


eCos embedded network operating system development kit...

Modbus协议的源代码 Modbus协议的源代码、 Modbus协议的源代码 Modbus协议的源代码...

Modbus protocol Modbus protocol source code source code, Modbus protocol Modbus protocol source code source code...

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