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Music and video player

The playback functions of the devices play MP3, AVI. Playback modes single cycle, sequential playback, random play function, you can pause, fast playback and slow playback, previous track, next track, play full screen function. Minimize to tray feature. A history play, also you can save files to the...

VPM642 system network interface, the test procedure.

This is a test SEED-VPM642 system network interface, the test procedure....

MSP430模拟串口程序,希望对大家学习430单片机有用... ... ... ...!...

MSP430 analog serial procedures, and they hope to learn from U.S. 430 Singlechip useful ... ... ... ...!...


Generic node-based tree menu code design methods and implementation of analysis of C code...


Based on DSP SEED-DTK_VPM642 experimental box sports video analysis, delineate the edge after the exercise...

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