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US" style="font-size:9pt;font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;">CUDA是Compute Unified Device Architecture的缩写。 代码中主要包含CUDA的基本功能库,图像立体匹配源代码,图像处理源代码和模板匹配源代码等,还包含了测试数据。...

Implement TMAC OMNeT

In omnet4.0 platform to achieve more tmac agreement, which has detailed protocol implementation code, which has the agreement of all performance tests, you only need to create a new project and then import about recompiled to run. The simulation network mesh network...

IGES interpreter


Eighth group Freescale Semiconductor smart car camera programs (IAR)


STL files quickly tiered approach

US" style="font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;font-size:12pt;">...

Eye blinking Algorithm

This project is a eye tracking and blinking detection using opencv library, the first step of the algorithm is to locate the eye region, then a template matching algorithm used for tracking, the next step is the blink detection, the first step in blink detection algorithm is to subtract the current...

NC machining simulation


ArduPlane APM four axis flight control

APM2 flight control support multi rotor, single rotor, the function is powerful.Support of ground stations, OSD, using the MavLink protocol.Support for path planning, navigation.Support for automatic landing....

Fish-eye correction for camera calibration


Endoscopic video splicing program

color:#FFFFFF;">图像处理领域的一种描述子。这种描述具有尺度不变性,可在图像中检测出关键点,是一种局部特征描述子。该方法于1999年由David Lowe首先发表于计算机视觉国际会议(International Conference on Computer Vision,ICCV),2004年...

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