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Robot soccer

Algorithm of robot soccer games, robot football match may make various movements, moving, shooting, and so on....

The co-occurrence matrix to extract the texture

Gray level co-occurrence matrix algorithm realization, energy, entropy, moments of inertia, and locally stationary, co-occurrence matrix...

Image preprocessing

Now, so far all possible binary program, you can debug your program results, which is very convenient....

ITK calculation of three dimensional image signal to noise ratio

Using ITK medical management package, calculation of three-dimensional images of the peak signal to noise ratio. Image calculated in different parts of the signal to noise ratio, calculations will take the file output to the PSNR.txt file, and viewing the results is very convenient. Also provides so...

Numerical algorithm for the science and engineering vcjj

Source code contains a number of commonly used in numerical algorithms can be used in VC programming research, has a strong value....

Handwriting detection C++

Handwriting recognition programs written using the C++ programming language. Methods using the depth of the deep learning method of neural network and the Boltzmann machine technology. Containing the program's instructions for use....

B spline drawing, calculating the control points and then draw the spline


Artificial neural network of sensors

family:宋体;font-size:12px;"> 该程序主要包括计算输出值、感知器学习算法(权值的调整)...

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