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USB view application

C++ based application interacts with windows drivers and retrieve the list enumerated usb devices connected. ...

PKCS#11 documents

PKCS#11 encryption library interface for Chinese documents, hope useful to everybody, thank you. Usbkey is implemented actions, generate key pairs, written certificate and key related sample code....

Infrared touch screen serial communication program

Which implements a 2 4092*4092 resolution touch screen LCD display screen to communicate by clicking on the touch-screen surface glass, returns the corresponding coordinates of the touch points, detection of touch-screen, and can set the serial port parameters, driver touch screen left-click, right-...

Hide folders

Using the hiding mainly in IRP_MJ_DIRECTORY_CONTROL driven processes its input parameter in the callback function after the operation FLT_CALLBACK_DATA the buffer data structure. The acquisition of the buffer address is focused on,Data->Iopb-> Parameters.DirectoryControl.QueryDirectory.Directo...

Keyboard cursor filter driver can be directly simulated

Application backgroundMany years ago I have written analog buttons drive.... cursor or filter driver. Can be combined into similar to the wizard of the function simulation.... various 3D game can be used... Is a good example of beginners to learn driving......Key Technology.. Is a beginner. Scholars...

Using C to write the control camera to take pictures, video

Application backgroundBased on C++6.0 Visual camera programming, you can take a picture, on Visual -Based camera C++ 6 programming you, can take pictures video......................................Key TechnologyIn addition to capture video stream can capture video stream can also capture a still pic...

Espec high and low temperature control

Espec high and low temperature control SDK, convenient for secondary development, use VC6.0 recommended. Program ultimately controlled through the serial port...

Foor Deefd df fsee

Hello, I can get points! BAP9gLXkLogHaRMEEKsIpYfSaNathjet28kDSz9bWAs4OtvKli6Xz1bR9s2doVYoX0xTROSitkPbkRhHllaXrrnjYdSNlNQyEWGYwVo3yyAUef9igyuKPbuZJptA5dE4l1pXdXtuCeG9htH4gk7sBaIS0Jbb3mG03serVwGwQaY17t866rAnBcDsVzcf4KQGqkd5JVWDwbhzRNALeXiidA0lTcN39X9L3uLhjhqZtKkT0nuHVdxXURrH0b0nNT1x BAP9gL...


单片机多功能调试助手分两个版本,分别是:含CH375 DLL版本、无DLL版本,它们的区别主要体现在是否对CH37X USB提供支持。为了减少对服务器的负担,现在单片机多功能调试助手只提供无DLL的版本,即不对CH372/CH375 USB芯片提供支持...


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