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IRIS detection source code

space:nowrap;">实现的基于颜色分隔的人脸人眼检测与定位及识别算法源代码。可以在此基础上继续修改更新。 -The human eye position detection with opencv source code, you can continue on this basis, revised and updated....

Serial Assistant open source


Light a lamp

The lighting program is a very simple procedure. Using Keil c language programs to software running in a compiler to convert HEX files to download onto a single chip. Monolithic integrated circuit chip model is STC89C52, you can check it on the Internet for specific information....

Data signing

Features: call the OpenSSL implementation of digital signature features, mainly using OpenSSL PKSC7 to clear the data in the signature, and then to verify signed data. Also can use Base64 encoding and decoding capabilities, you need to provide my.pfx files...

Summary-NT drive


Call camera

size:14px;">使用directx sdk  开发 摄像头显示操作处理。可以调整大小,尺寸。 分辨率。可以切换调用多个摄像头来显示。同时可拍照。保存在本地的文件中。...

wince vs2005 LED

space:normal;">TQ2416 目的:控制LED灯;我用的在天嵌科技的TQ2416的开发板上调试运行的,总共控制4个灯;...

Control the Canon RelCtrl


Application of VC++ program in the control of stepping motor

Application backgroundThe Applications of Visual C++ Programming in the StepMotor Controlling System...


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