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QT4 Chinese help documentation

Don't explain, Chinese help documentation, convenient to refer to eachclass and object and function ah, this version is for QT4, now the highest version to QT5, corresponding to the Chinese moderator documents ...

C++ Visual digital image processing technology in the book with the code third chapters

Application backgroundC++ Visual digital image processing technology in the textbook with the code third, said the Fourier transform and inverse transform, discrete cosine transform, wavelet transform, there are a variety of orthogonal transformation, rotation scaling mirror transform, etc., code pr...

Source codes of

Book based on DirectX SDK version 9.0, content covers virtually all aspects of C++ programming on the Windows platform using DirectShow. The book is divided into 4 sections. 1th part introduces the basics of DirectShow. 2nd part focuses on the development of Filter, as well as the development of Dir...


简单的人事管理系统控制程序源码,适合初学者 #include <string>  #include <iostream>  #include <fstream>  #include <iomanip>  #include <memory.h>  #include <stdio.h>  #include <conio.h>  #incl...

QT reference documentation

There is a QT reference documentation detailing the QT classes that are defined, very clearly, is indispensable for researchers developed using QT as reference documentation, can find the definition of a class, you can also follow the function to find, it's very convenient, personal feeling than MSD...

CV Reference Manual

•  Image Processing   o  Gradients, Edges and Corners   o  Sampling, Interpolation and Geometrical Transforms   o  Morphological Operations   o  Filters and Color Conversion   o  Pyramids and the Applications   o  Connected Com...

CD source

Of MFC is a classic in the textbook, the simple MFC containing CD one, all source code and the executable file in the book all in one....

Reactive power optimization of power system based on genetic algorithm

For power system reactive power optimization for c++ code. Reactive power optimization, is when the system's structure parameter and load is given, by optimizing some of the control variables, which can be found on the premise of all constraints are satisfied, allowing the system to one or more perf...

Primer 5th C++ all the source code

Application background"Primer 5th C++" all the source code, hoping to help C++ learners.This book is a famous classic C + + tutorial, the content is C + + Master Stanley B. Lippman rich practice experience and the C + + Standards Committee responsible for the original people, Jos e lajoie of the C +...

Primer Plus PDF fifth version of the Chinese version of the.Part1 version of the C++

Application backgroundPrimer Plus C++ fifth version of the Chinese version of about Part1 into 70M, part2, part3 three parts, please download the double click to extract aC++.Primer.Plus fifth version of the Chinese version of the.Part1 version of the PDFC++.Primer.Plus fifth version of the Chinese...


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