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BLE printer

Research achievements over the years, Bluetooth print BLE, teaches you how to use the Bluetooth 4.0,BLE/4.0 low-power, dual-mode iBeacon,4.0 full range of Bluetooth data transmission module, dual mode Bluetooth audio data, dual-mode 3.0/4.0 Bluetooth, provide the ISO with Android Bluetooth data tran...

LinkedList Implementation in c++

Is a simple data structure application in c++ demonstrating how to implement LinkedList data structure..... It has the delete, insert and menu display for option selection which will help beginners also understand the data structure functionality....

VC++ library management system full version

A full version of the early development of VC++ library management system, tested a bit, operating normally, DLL files required for the source enthusiasts have been integrated into the Cabinet. The library system can complete the user information management, library and information management, featu...


c achieve the banking system simulation process can be simulated Login, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, etc, Finally, the data operation to preserve documents....


Earth theme solver, including the positive operators and anti-calculation, the formula using a simplified formula used for programming...

KDTree with Closest neighbour search

This is a KD Tree example with closest neighbour search....

The Function get the MainBoard Serial Number

#include <iostream> using namespace std; union aregister { int theint; unsigned bits[32]; }; union tonibbles { int integer; short parts[2]; }; void GetSerial() { int part1,part2,part3; aregister issupported; int buffer; __asm { mov eax, 01h CPU...

Tic Tac Toe

This is  a Tic Tac Toe Game developed in C++ by me as a part of my curriculum.Tic Tac Toe is a two player mind game . I have developed this game in Dev C++ IDE using OOPS concepts in C++. This is a console based game. The game asks about the matrix row and column to take an input and...


Nicht weiterlesen! Okay,,, eine doofe beschreibung... Man muss etwas hochladen, um etwas herunterladen zu können... So ein Scheiss!!!! Bla Noch mehr davon Immer noch mehr. Und das reicht Desweiteren... Ach, vergiss e...


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