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aodv source code

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) are a special kind of Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET), in which vehicles on the road forms the nodes of the networks. Now a days, VANETs find several applications as an Intelligent Transportation System. Dynamic network architectures and node movement&n...

stm32 isp souce

STM32 ISP to download source code, forms update using the command line. Personally tested successfully....

Modbus TCPIP lib

/******************************************************/ /*  Modbus/TCP to Modbus/RTU protocol head file       */ /*  For 7188E (with Xserver structure)                */ /* &nb...

cache simulator Computer architecture

it is a very good code for simulation of cache memory .it gives cache Hit rate, Miss rate, and other information of cache in its hierarchy.plz check it  ...

Shelllab source code

A shell script that can manage processes, you can create, delete, process, maintain a process running in the foreground, as well as more background processes running, breaking through the command line is a background process to the foreground, and the current process hangs at the front desk; CTRL-c...

Ad hoc network evaluation index

Contains the end-to-end delay, packet loss, and a range of indicators such as throughput. Fully meet the new NS-2 format of trace analysis. -1.----Ma 0.-1.32...

C++TCP resolution

Program, according to the original data, assemble a IEEE 802.3 format frames (title) the default input file as binary raw data (file name input1 and input2, respectively). · Request procedures for command line programs. For example, an executable file named framer.exe, the command line of the follo...

NDIS miniport driver

WiFi RSSI with NDIS Protocol 1.0 scripting tags: adapter, list, wireless, miniport, adapted, drivertested, ndisprot, show wifi adapter, wireless conection, visual, windows, list adapter. What is new in WiFi RSSI with NDIS Protocol 1.0 software script? - Unable to find WiFi RSSI with NDIS Protocol 1....


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