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This is an expansion of SliderCtrl class, make up the MFC's SliderCtrl control defects did not pinpoint the location of the mouse click...

MFC comprehensive application

Application backgroundDetails of the MFC function, suitable for beginners, to share...

Basic graphics rendering

Application backgroundLearning MFC document classification and the use and switch of the three kinds of work area, are the basic graphics rendering and coloring, the structure is clear, detailed notes....

日本手机游戏的成功经验 日本手机游戏的成功经验 日本手机游戏的成功经验...

the successful experience of the Japanese mobile gaming experience to the success of Japan's mobile gaming experience of the Japanese mo bile gaming experience of the Japanese mo bile gaming experience...


use API to write a small ball rolling...


ADC0809 experimental test for voltage, voltage range of 0 to 5V, the pilot is successful, can directly use...

vc程序开发 Cspin的具体操作方法 主要介绍CSPIN的 使用

vc Development Cspin the specific methods of operation introduced the use CSPIN...


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