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MFC read serial data and saves txt

size:16px;">MFC 读取串口数据并保存txt  使用的API  有简单的通信协议解析 可以方便修改...

Screen saver

Application backgroundVisual program design using studio MFC 2010. Similar to the windows screen can be achieved with the lock function can also be coupled with the function of fingerprint identification. Achieve fingerprint lock, unlock the screen when the fingerprint match.Key TechnologyUsing MFC...

Digital watermarking algorithm code contains transplantation based on the C language

contains transplantation based on the C language digital watermarking algorithm code. With the model code of significance, there are certain robustness. NetPGM need to install the package (pgm format used to access images), which can then be compiled under Linux. NetPGM is the image file input/outpu...

Blood oxygen saturation extraction


VC++MFC serial program

This program uses serial procedures written in MFC module VC++, the serial port baud rate, parity bit, data bits, stop bit setting, you can complete the data reception and transmission, you can also select text delivery, works!...

job shop problem whit genetic algoritm for c++

This equation can be received third degree with the required parameters, and then get the inputs needed to solve three of them. After the application of genetic algorithm loops towards the goal and desire until that is the best answer...

存储管理 存储将指令序列变换成为页地址流 设:①页面大小为IK; ②用户内存容量为4页到32页; ③用户虚存容量为32K。 在用户虚存中,按每K存放10条指令排...

storage management storage instruction sequences will transform into page-based address : IK page size; user memory capacity of 4 to 32; users virtual memory capacity of 32K. The user virtual memory, storage per 10 K instructions with virtual memory address, that is 320 orders in the virtual memory...

超松弛法(SOR迭代)c语言源程序代码,很有用. 对学者计算帮助很大....

Overrelaxation (SOR iteration) c language source code useful. The scholars of great help....


dp slaves test specification manuals PROCESS FIELD BUS PROFIBUS Technical Guideline PROFIBUS-DP Extensions to EN 50170 (Diagnostic) Version 2.0...

Opencv-FaceDetect supports dynamic library file

size:18px;">最新Opencv动态库文件, 为Opencv视频开发人员解决报错问题 : “没有找到opencv_core2411d.dll,因此这个应用程序未能启动。重新安装应用程序可能会修复此问题。”   关键技术 多媒体编程中的视频解码代码...


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