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5等-expression compiler can compile no simple formula. Such as : (a = 2), 3-5, etc....


A simple compiler, using C# implementation. The use of top-down analysis...


Simulated spacecraft sat on the Star to see the stars and the number of routes can be controlled...


Physical model of light pressure source...

Imitation windows explorer a small program, we find useful, then click on the su...

Imitation windows explorer a small program, we find useful, then click on the support of...

Writing lexers

left:-2.1pt;">编写词法分析器实验设备:台式PC,Windowsxp sp3,Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0实验目的、要求:理解词法分析器的工作原理            编写词法分析器实验设备:台式PC,Windowsxp sp3,Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0实...

Interrupted with 51 single-chip microcomputer control

size:16px;">用51单片机实现中断控制  终端0 计数1数码管显示用51单片机写一个程序:用定时中断T0T1控制4个数码管显示...

N an integer, work out any sum is equal to the number of N+1, there are many possible?

19 每个数字在 同一个算式中只能出现一次; 如: 1+19 1+2+17 1+2+3+14 1+2+3+4+10 ..... 关键技术{num属于自然数 并且小于n}(0在集合中不算自然数) 然后 找出全部2个相加等于n的 例如 n=19 19=1+18 19=2+17.....19=9+10 其实两个数...

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