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c++链式队列的实现头文件如下: typedef int Item; typedef struct node * PNode; typedef struct node {  Item data;  PNode next; }Node; typedef struct {  PNode front;  PNode rear;  int size; }Queue; /*构造一个空队列*/ Queue *InitQ...

Binary tree example

Binary tree data structures that are important, other sectors of the data structure is the Foundation of learning. Other tree and binary trees there are similar in nature. Walks through the key algorithm is a tree structure. Good traversal algorithm efficiency and high stability. C++ implementation...

link list code

family:sans-serif;font-size:12.727272033691406px;line-height:19.190340042114258px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">In computer science, a linked list is a data structure consisting of a group of nodes which together represent a sequence. Under the simp...

Cutting in line to buy a ticket

space:nowrap;">AppWizard has created this 插队买票1 application for you.   This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that make up your 插队买票1 application. 插队买票1.dsp     This file (the project file) contains information at th...

Linear form (order) structure and function of the simple realization

Linear (sequential access) simple realization of structure and function, this code uses the C++ implementation, modelled on the container within a C++ class to encapsulate the linear form becomes a multi-functional classes that are used....

example of link list with struct

this coding are using link list with structthis is simple for input data,search,display and delete..i hope it is use full for you....

Circular list

space:pre"> 源代码 在vs2012 运行通过,界面使用菜单进行操作选择,友好方便,值得参考...

Linked lists, student record

This is the record of a student exercise, the linked list data structure is, and has been a great help for beginners, wrote, there is insufficient, please join ......

C ++ development with restaurants navigation system

C ++ console program without knowing the situation for a city bearing the city's restaurants and snack bars for navigation positioning. Using a linked list data structure, using the inherited class to write the way to achieve restaurants navigation....


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