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EVRC complete source compression decompression algorithms, with a simple example...

EVRC complete source compression decompression algorithms, with a simple example program....

EVRC compression decompression algorithm source code

EVRC complete source compression decompression algorithms, through the C-C++ Compiled can run!...


Treasury computing large numbers miracl. With miracl this library, you can directly call the function, to realize that you ask for a public-key cryptography functions....


C language environment AES encryption algorithm, support 128-bit AES encryption....

Ecc 160bit

ECC (Elliptic Curves Cryptography) encryption algorithm is an algorithm for public-key cryptography, RSA algorithm and mainstream compared to ECC algorithms shorter keys can be used to achieve the same level of security. C++ source code for this document is 160bit....

X64dbg publishing source code debugger interface similar to od

Open-sourceIntuitive and familiar, yet new user interfaceC-like expression parserFull-featured debugging of DLL and EXE files (TitanEngine)IDA-like sidebar with jump arrowsIDA-like instruction token highlighter (highlight registers etc.)Memory mapSymbol viewThread viewContent-sensitive register view...

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