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VCUI interface

Open source C++ Windows development desktop Visualizer interface library, interface libraries currently available is more popular, a lot of software used to implement, including interface control full, worth collection....

duilib good open source interface library can easily make 360 interface effect

size:16px;">duilib 不错的开源界面库能方便做出360效果的界面...

QR code defect detection

indent:21.0000pt;text-align:justify;vertical-align:;"> QR code defect detection features include QR code regional positioning and reading, Underworld, Moon's path, a block of black and white blocks and smearing defect detection 。 The test object is a two-dimensional code defect detection demo pr...

ATL Service client programming tools


MFC programming drawing board tool

This is the source code of drawing board tool using MFC, with drawing tools for  rectangular, square, oval, round,line, triangle etc. The color, line width, line shape and font can be changed....

Video surveillance source code

size:14px;">用QT编写的视频监控代码,采集USB Camera数据显示,通过串口控制界面切换。通过Mplayer播放录制的视频。...

ListCtrl control examples source code

ListCtrl control instance for editing source code, user friendly. Language: VC++. Original CListCtrl in contrast to write your own editlistctrl can be edited. Source code comments for more details....

VC++CSV class

&Nbsp;    This resource is very practical class for reading and writing CSV files. Very well written, the code is very simple, very well used in the actual project. Tested by himself, as long as the CSVOperator.h, CSVOperator.cpp and StringParser.h copy the above code into your pr...

Virtual mouse

This code implements a simple virtual mouse click function, enter the corresponding number in the edit box (like a 1 or a 0, which can be based on user-defined), respond to the corresponding points of the click action. Position of corresponding points can be set according to the user needs and uses....

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