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implementation of signal strength

Mobile Ad hoc Network is a Network which contains mobile nodes that topology constantly changing. The mobile nodes can move freely from one place to another place. Most current ad-hoc routing protocols select paths that minimize hop count like AODV, DSDV and DSR .In ad hoc wireless networks; min...

CO2_CORE_DLL C++ Source code, threading, sockets, hashing algorithms

This is a library which contains hashing algorithms such as custom CAST5 algorithm from the libeay32 open ssl library, also has decryption for DDS and C3 files as well as a plug-and-play threading and socket system, a perfect base for almost any server application....

implementation of new routing protocol

tried to implement a new routing protocol with an extension of provides better performance in terms of delay and jitter....

QT player

In the Linux environment, written in QT the audio design (music player), use the Phonon multimedia framework, basic function of the realization of the General player, only playing local music files, and it cannot load the network file...

The ns2 network model simulation

Which contains nine commonly used analysis of mobile model code can be used directly. Are written c++ generated scene files in running ns2. This file is very valuable for beginners ns2 simulation, you can refer to, to write your own new mobile models....

PTZ control source

PTZ control source code, mainly for the PTZ camera direction operating above and below, as well as stretching of the camera control, customizable pan/tilt speed, and so on. Source code is used in C++...

Video playback

Use Qt Creator be written GUI, using standard V4L2 interface for video capture, video capture process uses multiple threads to achieve, and then use the label to achieve video playback...

qt dimensional code decoding

The ZXING decoding QRCODE two-dimensional code, the best example QT two-dimensional code decoding!Using QZXING to read image files to decode, QZXING class can be initialized only on QRCODE two-dimensional code decoding, decoding the such a relatively high success rate....

Linux window programming --Qt4 wonderful examples

--Qt4 Photoshop Linux Windows programming source code, suitable for beginners, detailed programming Linux Windows--Qt4 Photoshop source, suitable for beginners, detailed and able to run compiled...

DBUS-based calculator

Program for testing the DBUS functions under Linux, can also be used as calculators, Anjuta integrated environment based on (Fredo kernel 2.6)...

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