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Facial expression recognition

文档这些文件包含您的 CSdi_opencvDoc 类。编辑这些文件到添加特殊的文档数据并执行文件保存和加载(通过 CSdi_opencvDoc::Serialize)。sdi_opencvView.h、 sdi_opencvView.cpp-文档的视图这些文件包含您的 CSdi_opencvView 类。CSdi_opencvView 对象用来...

QR code recognition for free

space:normal;">二维码识别源代码,废了好长时间得到 的东西,分项给你加二维码识别源代码,废了好长时间得到 的东西,分项给你加...

D3D11 Kinect point cloud visualization program

size:16px;">一个简单的可视化程序,通过类接口输入深度图和色彩图像即可在窗口中显示在3D空间中有颜色的点云图形                        &nbs...

Three dimensional reconstruction based on image pair

Three dimensional reconstruction of image based on, dense matching algorithm using sift and regional growth to achieve the purpose of three-dimensional reconstruction...

Niblack thresholding method

Written in VC + Niblack image segmentation algorithm has been raised through this machine. Using Visual Studio2008+windows7 or windowsXP environment run...

VC use paint control

family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">the source package is a open -source graph  controls, easy to use ....

MFC clock alarm clock features double buffering

space:normal;">在VC6.0 下 MFC编写时钟,时钟绘制运用了双缓冲计数 ,有闹钟功能,可以定时 。定时好的闹钟 ,存在TXT文本中,可以一次性删除全部闹钟,注意闹钟音乐格式与存储路径。否则,不会响      。...

Simulation of aircraft and missile flight

This is a 3D simulation based on OpenGL and MFC aircraft and missile program (you can switch between the missiles and aircraft). Draw a simple mountain scenes, and some trees. Comparison of missile exhaust plume. Zip file contains the entire project's header files, source files, and resource files,...

WebCam Capture VC++ Source code

size:16px;">捕获网络摄像头在计算机上的视频,使用纯 c + + 代码和 MFC 来实施。对于初学者来说,学会这项技术如何捕获图像和视频相机的非常有用的。...

GDAL data images

The code can handle large image data via GDAL can read a wide variety of data formats, and can be used in remote sensing image processing available for your reference....

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