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Copy CopyScreenTest screen

Khao Ping program source code ... ... Qt implementation, copyScreen...

OpenCV study notes (Chinese)

OpenCV study notes (English) learning OpenCV for some time, their notes under the upload, others...

HDraw (written in MFC-based paint)

============================================================ v3.0 Draw straight lines, rectangles, ============================================================ v2.8-2.9 All functions, including selecting all, drag, see document HDraw2.9.doc =============================================...

Quad-tree image segmentation

Basic Quad-tree image segmentation to achieve ~ write,  into using the Opencv-Quadtree recursive segmentation segmentation OpenCV read the grayscale image into grayscale prepared for recursive partitioning...

Fast background subtraction algorithm for Adaptive multi-

Prospects based on OpenCV-detection algorithm, on the traditional calculation methods using fast background subtraction algorithm for multimode, improved operation efficiency....

Levenberg-Marquardt optimizing C++ source code

Levenberg-Marquardt optimizing C++ implementation. This implementation is based on openCV implementation, easy to understand, easy to use and has a high learning and value, can be ported to various platforms. Using this algorithm can also be written in other languages. Valuable resource, please feel...

OpenCV for facial expression recognition

Set consisting of: six types of expressions, each expression in a separate folder,After each picture for face detection plan contains only the face region, size is 48x48 or 64x64, and grayscale.-database--anger--surprise--sadness--happy--fear--disgust...

Qt two-dimensional graphics transform source code

Round, square, horizontal gradients, vertical gradients, mirroring, and so on can be done, add text, Chinese display, size transformations are recorded. Want to paint, Qt can also help you with Oh!...

BMP file is read into memory codes

The bmp file is read into memory, c ++ language. BMP (full name Bitmap) is a Windows operating system standard image file formats, can be divided into two categories: device-dependent bitmap (DDB) and device-independent bitmap (DIB), the use of very broad. It uses a bit-mapped storage format, in add...

Hge181 DX8 multithreaded rendering

About HGE multithreaded versions of the engine, updated version of HGE has stopped updating years ago, renewed DX knows DX8, but originally the HGE engine is a single event callback mechanism, resulting in rendering complex scenes will have some slower! The upload of the HGE include multithrea...

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