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Face recognition sunlightface

space:nowrap;"> Unable to use several solutions: 1. better not download to run on desktop, COPY C,D to any directory. 2.Win2003 cannot be used, we recommend using WINXP or WIN7; WIN7 compatibility mode is recommended, to run as an administrator. Official version can be run under WIN2003....

OPENCV based face recognition programs (MFC interface)


Candlestick chart of core modules

line averages draw the black background graphics and images, so as to reflect the stock market and a series of things, the code has a lot of versatility...

Use Codebook algorithm for moving object detection

size:14px;color:#000000;">本代码基于论文Real-time foreground–background segmentation using codebook model中的codebook算法,在C++平台上实现,利用了opencv 2.3.1版本,实现了对于运动目标的检测。CodeBook算法的基本思想是得到每个像素的时间序列模...

Facial expression recognition

文档这些文件包含您的 CSdi_opencvDoc 类。编辑这些文件到添加特殊的文档数据并执行文件保存和加载(通过 CSdi_opencvDoc::Serialize)。sdi_opencvView.h、 sdi_opencvView.cpp-文档的视图这些文件包含您的 CSdi_opencvView 类。CSdi_opencvView 对象用来...

Photometric stereo method stereoscopic_vision

dimensional modeling, interactive animation in the game, and so has a wide range of applications....

Poisson surface reconstruction code

Complete Poisson surface reconstruction algorithm implementation is Hoppe2013 year SIGG article, this article is based on the basis of work in 2006 to improve the work, the source clear and understandable, there are comments....

ITK DICOM data is read and displayed by VTK

space:nowrap;">Display reading DICOM data with ITK and VTK, ITK and VTK examples of mixed-language programming....

QR code recognition for free

space:normal;">二维码识别源代码,废了好长时间得到 的东西,分项给你加二维码识别源代码,废了好长时间得到 的东西,分项给你加...

Based on OPENCV traffic statistics

border traffic.Functions include multi-Gaussian Modeling of video segmentation and cross-border detection, moving object size detection, counting and other applications. Algorithm mainly by OPENCV.Software currently enables the following features:A) providing a Gaussian Modeling Effect effect corres...

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