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Mail client

This is a C++ Realized e-mail type, you can send messages to multiple individuals at the same time can send attachments, it is really good to hear. There are detailed instructions and testing procedures....

Serial communication example Visual c++

Software development using Visual c++ programming of serial communication software, provide case studies for beginners in electronic information and analysis, to learn communication technologies into one flexible use in industry, involving phone calls, communications such as RFID,GPS,PLC. all commun...

Based on Socket packaging General API

General API based on Socket packaging, support the TCP client and TCP service port, UDP client, UDP server. Application development of derived classes are designed to contain TSocket.h, reference TCPUDPAPI.lib,TCPUDPAPI.dll in the application directory....

Bar-room number, including client and server-side

The code implements socket programming, best done the client interface processes, implement a simple; the configuration database on the server side, you can make the bar code operations such as insert, query, delete...

Penetrating firewalls MFC interface

Terminals that are bound to the same network on a different socket, so you must set SO_REUSEADDR properties for these sockets (that is, allow you to reuse), or listening fail. 4, s "assistance" connection upon receipt of the application through the "main connection" notice b, after NAT-A conversion...

MFC network traffic based on stream socket client program

Network application software that takes advantage of connection between computers, and to realize the communication between both parties. Connected computers as a single node, identified by IP address to the computer. When communicating to the other party sends a connection request contains a port n...

UDT Nat Implement a simple traverse

This simple example implements two network client(Behind the NAT) through the public network server to help build a P2P connection.Then the Server must have a public network IP, and the client support NAT architecture there are limits, not all types of support, such as symmetric type....

Simple TCP,UDP communication

This project can communicate simple client-and server-side, client-side and server-side are randomly assigned, through this program, readers can learn about TCP-based and UDp-based communication principle principle of communication as well as the differences between the two....

Send post packets through socket

&Nbsp;            socket to send post to achieve automatic background landing, first caught the post with a tool bag and main contents of package to fill in the code, the code where no CAPTCHA WEB landing pages through...

Socket proxy

Here is an example I used earlier HTTP proxy server socket implementation, the code is very simple and I'm not one to resolve, and to note is: When the proxy server receives a request sent by IE, IE To request line webserver domain name (or IP) stripped, and then forwards the request to the webserve...


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