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Pro Rs 232

232 是最常见的串行接口和船只作为在大多数 Windows 兼容的桌面计算机上的标准组件。RS-232 只允许一个发射器和一个接收器在每一行上。RS-232 还使用一种全双工传输方法。有些 RS-232 主板出售国家文书支持波特率达 1 Mbit/s,但大...

Super useful network library (http, and RTSP)

space:normal;">encapsulates the client portion , there are several class Socket encapsulates the socket interface, can be used directly Base64 encoding The total number of lines of code 25455...

VC implementation of Telnet Server source code

VC implementation of Telnet Server source code projects to compile VC implementation of Telnet Server source code projects can directly compile the source files can be compiled directly...

Network socket programming

This is a network socket programming, using UDP with asynchronous communications to achieve, this program is available for staff to learn socket programming reference. It is used of the most basic things. So to the learning....

UDP-based MFC programming environment

indent:21pt;"> 本实验设计内容是:设计一个程序,实现聊天功能,要求有客户端和服务器端。客户端能实现消息的输入和发送、接收消息、连接服务器与断开连接等基本功能;服务器端要求能收发信息、保存客户端的IP信息地址...

VS2010 16 hexadecimal output SOCKET Services client ADO to connect to a database

space:normal;">TCP/UDP choice, IP addresses optional ip4 and ip6 Join messages on its output in hexadecimal, as well as links to ADO databases VS2010 16 hexadecimal output SOCKET Services client ADO to connect to a database...

Mail client


Client, server, chat programs


An Asynchronous HTTP Request WinINet Wrapper in C++

family:'Segoe UI', Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:normal;color:#111111;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> WinINet 使得网络编程更容易,但它是难以使用的 c + + 由于其 C 风格的界面,所以我写这段代码来包装它。使用它,您可以轻松...

Very good listener IP packet software (source code)

SPACE: nowrap">可以清晰了解TCP/IP,UPD协议中,每个包所包含数据的含义等,包括每一帧数据的头,校验等,解码的数据让你清晰了解底层通讯的机制。非常珍贵。...

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