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Chinese version of matlab programming, e-books are very precious!...

%极大似然方法 gcn为高斯有色噪声!!!比较不同点

Maximum likelihood method for Gaussian colored noise GCN! ! ! Compare different points...


Generated white noise method, debug through, data and code are complete....

fee management project

it is fee management system of school.student can get sms at their phone for fee expire is online fee management system....

MATLAB image inpainting


C++ variable MATLAB code

Matlab is the United States of MathWorks products, is a matrix-Basic programming units of high numericalThe language. Matlab scientific computing, image processing, sound processing functions, provides users with a rich Windows graphics design interface, enables the user to take advantage of its pow...

source code package of the book, Augmented Reality with Kinect

This is the source code package of the book, Augmented Reality with Kinect, written by Rui Wang and published by the Packt Publishing in July, 2013....

Adaptive filtering

this is a best way of doing mat lab code in  weiner and lmas filtering the code generate the weiner filter response with thatof the ...

Three level SVPWM inverter model


IIR filters, infinite impulse response filter. Powerful

IIR filters, infinite impulse response filter. Powerful...

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