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modbus TCPIP protocol client-Server-side source code

This is the modbus TCPIP protocol client-Server-side source code, c ++ programming. Welcome to  download and try....

SCM CNC machine tool design information

Personally I think it's a good design we hope to exchange control of machines running 32 Motion controller source code, foreigners do, very good. You can try!...

PLC computer programming software source code

Complete prepared by VC6.0 Mitsubishi PLC computer programming software source code, as well as DebugPLCEDIT. For programmers, has very good reference value....

IEC103 statute code

IEC103 statute from network implementation. 103 power system 41695037IEC103 Statute of the communication program, complete the procedures for your reference...

Qt soft keyboard

Based on Qt soft keyboard, can be transplanted to the embedded platform! Realize Chinese input!...

PCL HP language printer WINCE example

Application backgroundHP PCL WINCE printer driver routines. For the development of WinCE system under the printer has a reference value. HP printer PCL language is divided into multiple versions of PCL3 GUI wince, HP for the PCL1--PCL6 printer only supports PCL language, if for different printers to...

MFC serial port programming example (20)

MFC serial port programming example, a total of 20 instances, MScom control based programming, and serial programming based on windowsAPI, provides a complete serial port class that can be used directly, with complete source code to serial debugging assistant, has learning value....

QT interface data finishing

Application background      the control in the Widgets Qt block is downloaded and sorted out. About 85% of the controls are downloaded, and the notes and instructions, for some of the interface very cow B project also downloaded a few, part of the project over the wall to get, now iss...

Pixhawk optical flow source code, eclipse under the compiler

Application backgroundGitHub download through optical flow source, using C language prepared by the pixhawk primary optical flow sensor source, in eclipse compiler modifications and the makefile downloaded directly to the optical flow in the firmware, containing pixhawk flight control MavLink protoc...

CSerialPort class

Very easy to use CSerialport class, you can search on the Internet that he uses to facilitate use, words enough, continue to get...

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