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QR decoder based on ARM9 project training

This is an embedded training project, moderate difficulty, use the QT4 knowledge, linux socket programming, arm drive, etc. ....... code is divided into three content, the client, which is the camera data collection terminal, the server , which is the two-dimensional code decoding side, use the butt...

CSerialPort class

Very easy to use CSerialport class, you can search on the Internet that he uses to facilitate use, words enough, continue to get...

Under LIUNX QT video surveillance

Video monitoring system based on Qt, the source code can be used, can move to the Development Board to run himself in the ARM9 (mini2440) run successfully, fedora14 compiles successfully. Cross compile environment 4.3.1, with QT Designer, and instructions, please download and compile...

AGV fuzzy control


ArduIMU - Arduino Based IMU & AHRS

6000,包括 3 轴陀螺仪和 accells 内置的最新的 3 轴 I2C 磁强计 HMC-5883 L 和经典,但非常稳健 Arduino Atmega328 运行 16 mhz... MPU 6000 使用 SPI 的最大性能。 规格: 三轴角速率传感器 (陀螺仪) 与灵敏度高达 131 Lsb/dps 和...

Qt development MP3 player

MP3 player written with Qt is not developed using Phonon, but with Linux the c development of music, the interface is implemented by Qt...

Fingerprint recognition system

right:20px;width:220px;" data-layout="left" tangram_guid="TANGRAM__47" sizcache030753528341446823="8" sizset="2" sizcache07943303957962033="0">   指纹识别原理 1809年Bewick把自己的指纹作为商标。1823年解剖学家Purkije将指纹分为九类。 1880年,Fa...

Turn USB serial port source code package (includes driver INF file)

USB serial port communication control process upper and lower computer using USB for communication commonly used as a means of exchanging data. Package includes USB serial port source code and this code drives the configuration INF file....

Qt embedded Tank Battle

Competition, result of time constraints, some functions didn't finish, but tanks, tanks and obstacle collision between the collision between collided with the barrier have been completed, tanks fired bullets and choose a different effect according to the different obstacles, such as the black wall c...

Adaptive Vehicle Detection using Opencv and ARM 9

This is a Adaptive vehicle detection program developed using Linux+Qt environment on Embedded FriendlyARM MIni2440 Board using Opencv Image processing Library....

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