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Pixhawk optical flow source code, eclipse under the compiler

Application backgroundGitHub download through optical flow source, using C language prepared by the pixhawk primary optical flow sensor source, in eclipse compiler modifications and the makefile downloaded directly to the optical flow in the firmware, containing pixhawk flight control MavLink protoc...

QR decoder based on ARM9 project training

This is an embedded training project, moderate difficulty, use the QT4 knowledge, linux socket programming, arm drive, etc. ....... code is divided into three content, the client, which is the camera data collection terminal, the server , which is the two-dimensional code decoding side, use the butt...

CSerialPort class

Very easy to use CSerialport class, you can search on the Internet that he uses to facilitate use, words enough, continue to get...

Under LIUNX QT video surveillance

Video monitoring system based on Qt, the source code can be used, can move to the Development Board to run himself in the ARM9 (mini2440) run successfully, fedora14 compiles successfully. Cross compile environment 4.3.1, with QT Designer, and instructions, please download and compile...

AGV fuzzy control

Using the theory of fuzzy mathematics and control methods. In the traditional areas of control in the control system dynamic model of the main advantages and disadvantages that affect the control key to accurate, more detailed information on system dynamics, you can achieve the aim of precise contro...

ArduIMU - Arduino Based IMU & AHRS

ArduIMU V3 is an Inertial Measure Unit (sensors and hardware filter circuitry) plus an Arduino-compatible processor that can run our Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) code, based on Bill Premerlani's DCM algorithm. This hardware consists of a 3 axis accelerometer and three gyro sensor...


With ZigBee and GPRS  sim900 function, based on the Zigbee protocol stack to develop application level, via a serial port forwarding of voltage and temperature data collected by Zigbee to GPRS, GPRS long-range transmission to the server....

Qt development MP3 player

MP3 player written with Qt is not developed using Phonon, but with Linux the c development of music, the interface is implemented by Qt...

Fingerprint recognition system

Principles of fingerprint identification 1809 Bewick his fingerprint as a trademark. 1823 Anatomists Purkije fingerprints into nine categories. In 1880, Faulds in the journal nature to promote the fingerprint to identify criminals. 1891 Galton made famous Gower classification system. Zhihou,...

Turn USB serial port source code package (includes driver INF file)

USB serial port communication control process upper and lower computer using USB for communication commonly used as a means of exchanging data. Package includes USB serial port source code and this code drives the configuration INF file....

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