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Air mouse works

MPU6050 module-oriented set of utensils and c,51, the code can be used to develop a remote-controlled robot aircraft mouse aerial  ...


With the ARM pad sends the collected information to MySQL, PC port handled by Qt interface data, including interface design, QSS application of style sheets...

Music countdown counters

The code is defined by several ports on the, it is connected with the press, when a key is pressed, achieved last time, when the countdown to 0 o'clock, the music of the reminder time that, by Proteus and Keil software, this feature enables the simulation...

CANopen master station development

Application backgroundIt is useful for the control of industrial networking, which can provide PC interface for common can and complete software part driver.. Can be used to extend the common PC with a can interface and, can be quite useful. itKey TechnologyIt is useful for the control of industrial...

Movie player QT

Application backgroundQT5 version of the version, for the specified video playback, but no support for all video formats, can be ported to the corresponding embedded system for running programKey TechnologyQMovie Qt5 version of the above to the specified video for capture and playback, you can refer...

C++ to achieve the template FIFO

Application backgroundEmbedded programming, the need to use a serial port to receive the buffer C++ implementation, such as the preparation of such....

English fonts

This font is extracted from a file generates a dot matrix array, can be used directly. Font sizes, including the 12*12,16*16,24*24,32*32. Ways to use fonts please refer to http://blog.CSDN.NET/l_yangliu/article/details/7261759....

Mplayer-based media player

QT media player based on Mplayer, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ......

WinCE the camera source code

Using VS2005 development, can be run on the WinCE platform, contains a simple interface, you can set the resolution and video...

InDTU Protocol Development Kit

Reflecting John communications protocol used for wireless data transmission terminals defined in detail, based on the TCP/UDP protocol provides mechanisms such as login, logout, heart rate, data transfer....

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