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Embedded puzzle

Puzzle game based on Embedded Development Board, the platform is used to develop the mini2440, separated by the ADC, pictures, scans the timer set, suitable embedded game programming reference, very useful...

QR code recognition

About win8app development, using vs2013 as a development environment. This application is based win8app split template describes League four camps each character's backstory....

Source of terminal machine

Application backgroundFull automatic terminal machine wire processing to use a machine, also known as full automatic stripping pressing machine is a new equipment in recent years, just out of the set feeding, cutting, stripping, pressure end of multi-functional machine, humane and intelligent high-e...

Auto winding of motor coil

Application backgroundThe winding machine is a machine that is wound to a particular piece of the workpiece.. Most of the electrical products need to wire wire (referred to as wire wire) wound made of inductance coil, you need to use the winding machine.Key TechnologyAutomatic winding machine system...

Day temperature recorder

Application backgroundUse TI 16 for MSP430 MCU development of the full day temperature recordKey TechnologyDevelopment environment IAR, read the temperature sensor simulation, through AD conversion, real-time display on the LCD, with PCB schematic diagram...

Analog USB keyboard

51 single-chip computer code that emulates a USB keyboard, -51 USB keyboard microcontroller written in c code that simulates a, c languages...

JY development platform

Can provide complete QT interface library, support and QSS writing style, to provide the network library, and join in the form of component development platform....

Fast Fourier Transform (DSO Quad)

Fast Fourier transform leaf's change of views to the DSO Quad Oscilloscopes use ARM Toolchain build. ARM Toolchain on the PATH, press Makefile.batApp slot:4...

Z-WavePC the background source

PC backstage of the z-wave protocol code. Z-wave focuses on monitoring and control for homes and small commercial buildings, widely used in lighting control, security and climate control. Other applications include safety sensors, smoke detectors, door locks, electrical appliances and remote control...

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