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hough transform algorithm

This is a file about Hough Transform. it is very interesting for the persons, who start to approve for image process. Thanks you very much.ok....

Multithreaded access to the MySQL database source code

-----sets the maximum number of connections MySQL?, when calling ConnectDB created x number of database connectionsSetCharset------sets the encoding format, mainly GB2312 or UTF8ConnectDB------to connect to the databaseGetIdleMySql------Gets a MySQL connection does not useReleaseMysql------released...

Qt database operations

Qt for database operations, including opening and closing the database, to add, delete, modify, query, where the data are displayed in a custom data model, is inherited from the QAbstractTableModel....

KCI interface to access Kingbase

NPC Kanakura KCI interface implementations provided by access to the database, mainly to provide a database connection, disconnection, perform deletions to find out and open, transaction rollback, transaction commit operations. In addition also provides database connection pooling and monitor thread...

Kmeans algorithm classification for multi-dimensional data


vc ++ merchandise management system


IOCP chat room system

family:"font-size:10.5pt;">Server applications use is extremely limited, this program uses ICPQ, using port chat room system, you can implement multiple user chat online at the same time, source codes contain an official document, and add comments....

System of human resource management in C++

A complete human resources management system, including employee information management, and many other modules Scope of C++ functions encapsulate SQL databases with high reliability including amendments modified search module Can be used directly in project development and learning...

Restaurant order system

space:nowrap;">程序介绍: 主要功能 系统管理 前台管理 后台管理 系统管理 用户登录及修改 前台管理 餐桌状态 更换餐桌 结账 合并结账等 后台管理 配菜系统 厨房做菜 库存管理 添加菜单 菜信息 技术 WebService .Net Framework Co...

Programming VC++ database

VS 2013 compilation. Use ADO. technical visits SQL2008 database. Is part of the curriculum design. Repackaged classes easier to use                              ...

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