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DSP control of stepper motor

DSP-controlled stepper motors using DSP control stepper motor pole to the study of step motor control reference...

Gear box fault diagnosis system research

Analyzes various gear box fault information collection, and use the matlab software to add algorithm to analyze the collected information, and get the information to any fault of the acquisition, ready to judge the position and degree of the failure. So as long as there is enough sample data, to ana...

TMS320F2808 SCI serial port communication

TMS320F2808 SCI serial communication routines that send and receive version was compiled without errors and warnings CCS5.2...

CCS FFT design based on DSP

DSP based on the ccs2.0 FFT program contains a screenshot program results and immediate execution....

TMS320F2812 C++ examples

TMS320F2812 C++ examples.rarThis directory contains board specific directories that will only workproperly when using the appropiate software/hardware configuration.The installation may contain all the following folder or a sub-set ofthese folders depending on selected installation options.All examp...


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