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DSP control of stepper motor

DSP-controlled stepper motors using DSP control stepper motor pole to the study of step motor control reference...

Gear box fault diagnosis system research


2812 LCD display source code

This case for DSP TMS2812 control LCD screen, simple, functional, display control is learning good example...

TMS320F2808 SCI serial port communication

size:16px;">TMS320F2808 SCI 串口通信 例程 发送和接受 已编译通过 没有错误和警告 版本CCS5.2...

CCS FFT design based on DSP

DSP based on the ccs2.0 FFT program contains a screenshot program results and immediate execution....

TMS320F2812 C++ examples

set ofthese folders depending on selected installation options.All examples can be modified to run on any specific hardware or simulatorsset-up. Refer to the DSP/BIOS Tutorial and DSP/BIOS User\'s Guide formore information....

Adaptive Filter

Adopt the way of dual channel input interrupt polling cycle implementation of LMS adaptive filter algorithm...

wavelet transform

size:16px;">小波变换使用数字信号处理 dsp 技术程序。此方法提供信号处理技术在时域和频域...

Speech recognition

Application background After training procedure, using C++6.0, the project name is .dsw, might be incompatible when using this speech recognition in MS 2008 or later, but for project aim, it is a good choice. Key Technologybase HMM and HQ to recognition speech. notice that it is incompatible when...


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