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1 simple audio editing software

Waveshop a relatively simple audio editing software, a waveform display, wave-cut, a common sound, more suitable for learning....

Qt lianliankan games

Lianliankan games, boring to pass the time better, QT5 complete programming interface is not very good, but basic functionality has been basically achieved...

PS streams video resolver

Simple C++ code parsing PS video stream, very suitable for the novice to learn to understand PS video streaming protocol format parsing and packaged programs. After personally testing works...

C++ music player supports synchronized lyrics display

VC++The Mp3 Music Player (supports synchronized lyrics display.) RAR...

Example code that uses ffmpeg lib

Under the Windows Mobile 5 platform, based on the ffmpeg open source lib Media Player source code to support h. 264,AVI,MP3 and other video formats using VS2005 project. Interface maps more drinks, fairly complete, use WM5 SDK, use GX. Lib library...

Wav audio file information

space:nowrap;">(1)音频通道数(2)采样频率(3)比特率(4)采样位数(5)音频数据大小 wav文件的数据结构: 起始地址占用空间本地址数字的含义00H4byteRIFF,资源交换文件标志。04H4byte从下一个地址开始到文件尾的总字节数。...

JM decoder/encoder

VCEG 历史上开发一些软件被称为 KTA 软件期间,开始在 2005 年初,导致 2010 年 HEVC 标准化项目的启动。有的科索沃信托机构软件被开发了在这段时间的两个版本: 一种基于 JM 11.0 和一种基于 JM 18.1。这些版本包含不同的编码工具...

Huffman encoding and decoding

This project is a simple C++ implementation of Huffman coding. Currently, it can only encode files; the decoding function is on hold while I work on my university courses. COMPILING Compiling is handled by the Make utility. To compile, simply navigate to the root folder of the repository and run...


The program enables multimedia format, convert AVI to MPEG format, support video frequency transformation parameter sets, conversion rate, resolution, encoding format, and so on....


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