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Rtp_video_audio_ source code

Application backgroundRTP video and audio stream transmission; suitable for multimedia RTP streaming;The purpose of this topic is the distal CCD and MIC of video and audio, compressed into MPEG4 DivX format, with RTP through multicast, immediately passed multiple computer and implementation platform...

Using Qt to write a remote multimedia player, you can run on the ARM board

Application backgroundRemote multimedia player can be seen as a small set-top box, is an embedded system of multimedia player, to achieve the music files and video files, plus remote control functions, can be used in many places, such as smart car multimedia, intelligent furniture and other placesKe...

1 simple audio editing software

Waveshop a relatively simple audio editing software, a waveform display, wave-cut, a common sound, more suitable for learning....

TS demuxer

This is one of the most fundamental TS package code, TS Foundation by viewing the source code can be learning support, such as PAT, PMT structure, etc, or you can learn the basics of multimedia support! This code is not ported from VLC, but exactly in accordance with ISO TS 188 bytes of the document...

Qt lianliankan games

Lianliankan games, boring to pass the time better, QT5 complete programming interface is not very good, but basic functionality has been basically achieved...

PS streams video resolver

Simple C++ code parsing PS video stream, very suitable for the novice to learn to understand PS video streaming protocol format parsing and packaged programs. After personally testing works...

mp4 mux/demuxn library

1.libmp4v2 compliled in VC2.It may pack the MP4 container,3gp,mov containers compatible3.Support H.264/mpeg4/aac, local format and the streaming media rtp, udp and other ip transmission services...

C++ music player supports synchronized lyrics display

VC++The Mp3 Music Player (supports synchronized lyrics display.) RAR...

Ffmpeg video player ffmpeg+sdl+draw (the inside of the notes are very detailed, you can choose their own mode of synchronization)

Application backgroundThis is a player for playing video and music. If you want to use the player, please put the entire folder into the project directory, and then add the existing items in the project, the player directory under theAssist.cppAssis...

Ffplay source code, combined with MFC to do a player

Application backgroundFor MFC FFplayLei Xiaohua Xiaohua LeiLeixiaohua1020@126.comCommunication University of China / digital TV TechnologyUniversity of China Digital / TV Technology CommunicationHttp:// project will be the ffmpeg project in the ffplay player (ffplay.c...


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