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Scan 3D Reality

Create your own 3D objects using a webcam and a laser from your hardware store! Starting with a simple setup and calibration procedure, objects are scanned to wavefront files by lighting them with a line laser while they are rotated 360 degrees.Project done by me (Vladimir Bagazov) with mbarkow...

Object Detection in image with opencv using C++

thanks to this cpp file you can detect object in a simple image and then you can track it.if you need more information just send me mail

YUV format to RGB format

Convert YUV420 or YUV 422 data to RGB format. The code is simple and fast. Please feel free to download and use it....

QR code generation and recognition

QRCODE QR code encoding and decoding procedures developed by VC, 1) distribution using Active x DLL.  2) including file: ø EnCodePdf.dll//PDF417 code DLL dynamic link library ø EnDataMatrix.dll ø EnCodeQr.dll//Qr_Code code//DataMatrix ø Wcomp.dll//image compression coding dynamic link libra...

VC logging functions

When the debugger is in, sometimes you need to view real-time process, sometimes requiring records, this code is to record the log function. To record the time, content, and other information you need....

QT simple music player

Application backgroundTEMPLATE = appTARGET = musicplayerQT = widgets multimedia winextrasHEADERS = \Musicplayer.h \Volumebutton.hSOURCES = \Main.cpp \Musicplayer.cpp \Volumebutton.cppRESOURCES = \Musicplayer.qrcRC_ICONS = images/musicplayer.icoTarget.path = $$[QT_INSTALL_EXAMPLES]/winextras/musicpla...


现在在vc上采集视频常用的方法有三:vfw,directshow,opencv ;今天我们首先做一下利用vfw的视频采集程序。 VFW(Video for Windows)是Microsoft推出的关于数字视频的一个软件开发包,VFW的核心是AVI文件标准。AVI(Audio Video Interleave)文件...

Openal32 sound

Use audio content in the ffmpeg library to decode audio files, playing through the openal32 decode audio content Openal32 and ffmpeg libraries to play an audio file...

Picture integration

Image integration is the key to image stitching technology. Take full advantage in the CUDA GPU processing unit and mechanism for multithreaded parallel computing on image processing, more traditional CPU implementation greatly accelerate the pace of implementation of multi-resolution image fusion,...

Windows Media



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