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Confession of a small test

space:normal;">Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test.Just a test....

Bass-based audio player category

Bass based audio player class. Extracted from the HGE engine....

Audio recording and playback

Based on c ++ language development, in the windows environment for audio recording and save, save the file to open the player and other functions, the development of audio and video people have good help....

A * pathfinding games

Using the a * algorithm is designed based on the VS2010 dev, click where you want to reach, he will move according to the algorithm, if not words, prompts this road to dead end, can't get this interface using bricks environments, using points instead of moving objects, moving route display...

TeamLiquid Desktop Player



Application backgroundthis is virtualvcr source. You can find this original source code at sourceforge.netKey Technology Before you download, You should to know directshow technology. this source code solution is converted to visual studio 2010. All source code was made by c++/c....


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