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Coaching Institute Management

In this Project u can find the software which can easily manage the coaching Institute Management  by keeping the track of roll no. of students, year of joining....

VC mix programming

Remix using DIrectSound, the source code in VS2008,VS2010 are compiled, we want to help...

Capture Screen

  Using the PushSourceDesktop filter preview screen, and screenshots. PushSource they go online to download the compiler....

City 3D with cars

3D City with roads, buildings, parks, sidewalks, cars and sky background all textured. Also simple characters walking. It manages 1000 cars travelling to find their objective. Crossroad management and traffic light automation. Also traffic jams are compensated with negative...

Demo HGE

Application backgroundIn order not to mislead others, it is necessary to add a:HGE need to lock a buffer area, only to draw a large number of the same picture, if it is a variety of different pictures, the problem is out. If you draw one hundred pictures you need to lock and unlock the one hundred t...


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