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VC socket multithreaded file transfers


Battle city game

Contains several algorithms adapt to new learning, easy and detailed notes, it is easy to understand and easy to link, there are very good examples, and can be run directly in the environment. Original algorithm to EGE as the standard, you can implement programs run,...

Qt development environment with a multithreaded programming

Using the QT development environment, the thread pool code written in C++ language, including active threads, blocking the thread, lock code, multithreaded and can refer to...

QT interface to achieve production consumers simulation

Classic example of multi-threaded, by QT5 interface effects,Simulation of producer-consumer activities,Use QT's thread classes.I hope to help you...

HTTP multi-thread downloading

size:14px;">http多线程下载,,支持十个线程同事下载,通过文件url的路径就可以下载文件 。支持重新下载 ,暂停下载,继续下载。程序稳定性较好,且记录下载记录,能看到下载的进度,速度等...

C++ implementation I guess you have drawn

C++ development platform for your implementation and design of drawing I guess, using multi-threading, MFC, network programming, implementing a client connection to the server and users chat, and painting....

Multithreaded serial port examples


Serial communication example


classic source p2p emule

SPACE: nowrap">       p2p经典源码emule,一套纯c++实现的p2p典范,是学习c++编码的经典之作。无论编码格式,风格,还是对c++各种语法,模板的使用都非常详细。不可多得的好代码,打开即可编译运行。可以运行在linux...

Simple based on MFC multithreading



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