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P2P live video chat

Live video chat, speed, voice clarity, eliminate echo, coding simpler, supports one to one or one-to-many real-time audio and video interaction P2P technology, text chat, file transfer, clear channel, audio and video recordings, network quality of service (QoS), and open interfaces...

IOS photos more photos selected

IOS album photos more optional features, select the photo, camera, interface display. Photos can select 10 images. Directly after taking pictures will load the interface shown above. Functionality testing can be done by ... Nice one column...


Application backgroundApple cocos2d-x version of Bejeweled Bejeweled 3 source code, source code files, you can learn a lot of game programming skills. Through the exchange of adjacent two elements (or called gemstone, below unity for elements), so as to realize now row or column to achieve the same...


// //  AGMasterViewController.m //  MyPosCD // //  Created by Alessandro Galli on 16/06/13. //  Copyright (c) 2013 Alessandro Galli. All rights reserved. // #import "AGMasterViewController.h" #import "AGDetailViewController.h" @interface AGMasterViewController ()...

sdsdcsdcdscsd sdcdscs

asadas as jmasd as dnm as dkas dkjas d as kdask asdsdcsdmc sdkjsdjk j scj ck sdkjc sdkpc  dckjw cpjkckjwe wc ;jweck;we cknweewc...

Algorithm of minimum searching

Golden section method - a method of finding the extremum of real functions of one variable at a given interval. The method is based on the principle of division of the segment in the proportions of the golden section. Golden section method can be transformed into a so-called method of Fibonac...


Although I evil if the break sent shares of the Al, college entrance examination this year that year, card key cartilage rude self Allan the Ramen Accra; unthinkfulness, spicy Alameda Akon I Mel development threshold account for you what are you looking at do you know Li Kemu, huh,;,, ...

my source game

1. Open the file:Classes/Support/Global.h to config the game://Border of the fish#define kHeroWith       70 #define kHeroHigh       50 //Fish's speedup and speed down#define kHeroDownSpeed  6 #define kHeroUpSpeed    10 //Gap between 2 tower#define kD...

My3D Process

Point cloud data, coordinate transformation, filtering, denoising, can read the point cloud and pretreatment...

Cocos2dx objects box2d case

Cocos2dx box2d best case, learning box2d, and launch, elimination, there are pictures, in vs2010 debugging successful...


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