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// //  AGMasterViewController.m //  MyPosCD // //  Created by Alessandro Galli on 16/06/13. //  Copyright (c) 2013 Alessandro Galli. All rights reserved. // #import "AGMasterViewController.h" #import "AGDetailViewController.h" @interface AGMasterViewController ()...

Algorithm of minimum searching

Golden section method - a method of finding the extremum of real functions of one variable at a given interval. The method is based on the principle of division of the segment in the proportions of the golden section. Golden section method can be transformed into a so-called method of Fibonac...

my source game

1. Open the file:Classes/Support/Global.h to config the game://Border of the fish#define kHeroWith       70 #define kHeroHigh       50 //Fish's speedup and speed down#define kHeroDownSpeed  6 #define kHeroUpSpeed    10 //Gap between 2 tower#define kD...


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