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P2P live video chat

family:΢���ź�, ����, 'Lucida Grande', Verdana, sans-serif;font-size:15px;line-height:30px;white-space:normal;background-color:#EEF4FB;">支持一对一、一对多的实时音视频交互 P2P技术、文字聊天、文件传输、透明通道、音视频录制,网络服务质量...

IOS photos more photos selected

IOS album photos more optional features, select the photo, camera, interface display. Photos can select 10 images. Directly after taking pictures will load the interface shown above. Functionality testing can be done by ... Nice one column...


(void)configureCell:(UITableViewCell *)cell atIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath; @end @implementation AGMasterViewController - (void)awakeFromNib {     [super awakeFromNib]; } - (void)viewDidLoad {     [super viewDidLoad];     // Do any a...

sdsdcsdcdscsd sdcdscs

asadas as jmasd as dnm as dkas dkjas d as kdask asdsdcsdmc sdkjsdjk j scj ck sdkjc sdkpc  dckjw cpjkckjwe wc ;jweck;we cknweewc...

Algorithm of minimum searching

space:nowrap;">Golden section method - a method of finding the extremum of real functions of one variable at a given interval. The method is based on the principle of division of the segment in the proportions of the golden section. Golden section method can be transformed into a so-called me...


Although I evil if the break sent shares of the Al, college entrance examination this year that year, card key cartilage rude self Allan the Ramen Accra; unthinkfulness, spicy Alameda Akon I Mel development threshold account for you what are you looking at do you know Li Kemu, huh,;,, ...

my source game

Resource include 28 files:bg.png btn-again.png btn-home.png btn-p.png btn-pause.png btn-play.png btn-score.png c-medal.png g-medal.png ground.png hero1.png hero2.png hero3.png hero4.png hero5.png hero6.png hero7.png hero8.png hero9.png hero10.png her...

My3D Process


Cocos2dx objects box2d case

space:nowrap;">cocos2dx box2d学习最好案例,学习了box2d的附着,和发射,消除,有图片,在vs2010下调试成功...


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