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Fatigue detection

Program provides eye fatigue monitoring, real-time detection of human eyes and analyze images using OpenCV and VC + +, when human eye fatigue, the system sends an alert....

Background modeling, as well as several shadow removal method


Combined camshift and Kalman

The camshift shortcomings, advantages of using Kalman, predict later withered camshift, keeps track of the target, which makes tracking camshift works well...

Vehicle detection based on VC++

Vehicle Detection: a recognition of the vehicle contour, and that the vehicle contour 2 shows the relative speed of the vehicle, after testing, the actual available....

OpenCV object detection and tracking

This code can be monitored and tracking of moving object in video andthe background model of Gauss effect of background modeling is very good and the detected objects were rectangular boxes marked...



Based on VC + ranging

With the procedures and camera can detect obstacles in front of the distance is a good distance tool...

MFC camera calibration

OpenCV MFC camera calibration. Zhengyou Zhang checkerboard calibration, calculated distortion, deviation processing and other functions. Apply to monocular camera calibration, suitable for beginners to learn how to use it....

Watershed segmentation

Watershed segmentation, segmentation examples, the program can be run directly, and watershed image segmentation is regarded as a topological map, where gray is considered the terrain height values, high grey values correspond to peaks, grayscale values corresponds to the Canyon, watershed segmentat...

One-dimensional bar code identification system

One-dimensional bar code identification system based on VC6.0,  pre-processing the input barcode image, further identification,  is critical for good scanning identification based on barcode. Containing identification pictures....

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