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Open source DXF file processing library

Many developers, and geographic information systems (GIS) specialists have been unable to use Drawing Interchange Format (DXF) format files. These AutoCAD file format usually need to install Windows® and AutoCAD can be opened. Thanks to the easy open source libraries dxfLib, your application can...

Secondary development of Visio files based on VC

Secondary development of Visio files based on VC. For example, Visio vsd 2013 storage format files, you need to extract the contents of the file, uses the code at this point. Information can be easily extracted for each module. Download easy learning...

VTK&MFC combined reconstruction of DICOM data

VTK skull sample programs, this is a lot of fellow began to learn of VTK can then research program. Under this is a MFC, that leads directly to slice the picture of headsq CT machine, runtime needs to read the data. -VTK skull sample program, this is a lot of learning VTK compatriots can examine pro...

CMarkUP latest version 11.5

The most famous one VC ++ external class, Cmarkup, now out of the latest version 11.5, and now the online version is 6.1 or less, I hope this new version for your help, some phase development of the VC VML friends do not miss -one of the most famous VC external categories, Cmarkup, now out of the la...

Read the txt file and displays

Read the TXT file, Richbox read the txt file to display controls. Identifiable data in multiple formats....

Dos version of merge file split

This program can be file-split merge, file in any format can be split into a set of size and arbitrary format files can be merged into the original document. Segmentation procedures, written after the address for segmentation and segmentation documents store addresses and file split size, segmentat...

XML reader (can read configuration files in XML format)

Manipulating XML documents.(1) primarily intended for application configuration.(2) the XML document referenced by the variable "XmlDocPtr" to perform advanced operations....

The QT text editor

Learn Qt for two months, a specially made The text editor , Though a little BUG, but the basic functionality is implemented, you can bring it to Qt for beginners learning to learn...

H.264 encoder using OpenCL

Application backgroundH.264 total encoder design using c++ and opencl librarires Key Technologyvideo compression for HD videos with low complexity...


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