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a program for tanck

it is a program for tanck with C++ language. it is good for students. this is a game that wrote with C++ language. enjoy it.......

The text editor

family:宋体;">基于命令行的文本编辑器  功能:1、  打开文件 2、  保存文件 3、  能够对文件进行查找 4、  能够对文件进行替换 5、  能够对文件进行删除...

VC action Word examples

Compressed package has six small programs, the Word has different actions respectively, such as open, close, create, enter content into the Word, read the Word in the content (text)...

Mini Monster job portal

 A project that gives the list of recruiting companies for a particular Branch of Engineering using concepts of C and C++and graphics for an attractive GUI. It uses file handling methods to store the database. It also provides the user with modification and search options.      ...

Binary Operator

size:14px;">这是简单的 c + + 程序为二元运算符,按值调用,调用参考等 c + + 中是类和对象的 OOPS 结构。但不是纯粹的 OOPS 面向。这个程序没有类和对象。...

Student score management system

left:25.5000pt;text-indent:-25.5000pt;"> 一、 班级成绩管理 1、 程序说明    该系统实现对班级成绩的录入、显示、修改、排序、保存等操作的管理。 2、  程序设计要求 (1) 一个班级...


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