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Open source DXF file processing library

size:16px;">很多开发人员和地理信息系统 (GIS) 专家一直无法使用 Drawing Interchange Format (DXF) 格式的文件。这些 AutoCAD 格式的文件通常需要安装了 Windows® 和 AutoCAD 才能打开。借助便捷的开源库 dxfLib,您的应用程序就可以读取任何...

Secondary development of Visio files based on VC

Secondary development of Visio files based on VC. For example, Visio vsd 2013 storage format files, you need to extract the contents of the file, uses the code at this point. Information can be easily extracted for each module. Download easy learning...

VTK&MFC combined reconstruction of DICOM data

family:宋体, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">vtk头骨示例程序,这个是很多开始学vtk的同胞们可以先研究的程序。这个是mfc下的,那个headsq是ct机的直接导出的切片图片,运行的时候需要读取这些数...

CMarkUP latest version 11.5

one of the most famous VC external categories, Cmarkup, now out of the latest version 8.2. Now online are below the 6.1 version, I hope this new right will be helpful. Some compared with VC VML friend Do not miss...

Read the txt file and displays

Read the TXT file, Richbox read the txt file to display controls. Identifiable data in multiple formats....

Dos version of merge file split

space:nowrap;">该程序可实现文件的分割合并,可将任意格式的文件分割成设定的大小,并且可将任意格式文件块合并成原文件。 分割程序中,写定待分割文件地址和分割后文件存放地址以及文件需分割出的大小,则分割程序可以...

XML reader (can read configuration files in XML format)

space:nowrap;">操作XML文档。 (1)主要用于保存应用程序配置。                                                               &n...

The QT text editor

family:Arial, 宋体;font-size:14px;line-height:24px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">学Qt两个月了,自制了一个文本编辑器,虽说还有点小BUG,但是基本功能都实现了,可以拿来给Qt初学者学习学习...

H.264 encoder using OpenCL

Application backgroundH.264 total encoder design using c++ and opencl librarires Key Technologyvideo compression for HD videos with low complexity...


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