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C++mpeg4 Player source code


WinCE simple DirectShow player

Simply implemented by DirectShow player under Wince. Player is simple, play, pause, stop, progress bar, full screen display, easy to understand...

Ffmpeg to decode video

space:normal;"> 函数均是最新的(2013年12月19日,32位版本),旧的函数名均已修正。lib与include是从ffmpeg的dev版本中考出来的,建立工程时注意正确设置。dll文件在ffmpeg shared版本中的,我都已拷到工程目录下。我的vs版本是2013,为...

Compile ffmpeg under Windows (source code-compile-error handling)

FFmpeg is a set can be used to record and convert digital audio, video, and can be converted into a stream of open source computer programs. It includes the leading audio/video codec library libavcodec now. FFmpeg is developed under Linux, but it can be compiled on most operating systems, including...

Inter-frame difference method

C++ code frame difference method, used in studies of video. The call described how he was a code, can be used with, can't find anything else....

Simple RTSP Player

size:14px;">一个简单的rtsp,里面有两个Dll,一个是网络组建 一个是播放组建,同时带有操作说明...

Dm368 DaVinci, Davinci, video, streaming media


PS data flow analysis

PS very nice turn H264, simple code to understand, at work can refer to use, simple structure, data processing and fresh...

Monitoring system code

size:14px;">视频监控系统源代码,软件主要实现了云台控制、快照和录像、录像回放和定时自动监控等内容: 1.云台控制系统 云台控制主要运用于摄像头焦距的调整、对焦、光圈设置等; 2. 录像 单击“录像”按钮,可以保存当前...

Hass decoding

Hass decoding library downloads (includes libraries, header files, documentation, as well as official test program and source code)...

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