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Gesture recognition to control the mouse


Three dimensional scene reconstruction


Target tracking

Target detection and tracking code can run yo! You can use the mouse to control this window and only needs to detect the target!...

Capture from ip camera

size: 18.0180187225342px;">un摄像头...

Detector to use Cam

this project can use a USB CAM to detect a moving and saving about moving....

face detection

face detection algorithm using opencv and visual studio 2010 this programe help you to detect any face using you web camera and you can integrate this programe into your programe easly...

64 bit HD Internet TV v2.4.2

64 bit HD Internet TV v2.4.2 64 bit HD Internet TV v2.4.2...

一个p2p Streaming的原型系统,基于树状结构的应用层组播开发。完整的寻径和平衡树算法。

space:nowrap;">一个p2p Streaming的原型系统,基于树状结构的应用层组播开发。完整的寻径和平衡树算法。...

Codebook foreground extraction

family:Arial, Helvetica, simsun, u5b8bu4f53;line-height:normal;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> codebook背景建模为了解决在场景中包括复杂的运动物体的情况下背景建模的问题。例如数值在风中的摇摆,光照的变化,云...

Wav file generation filer

Build the DirectShow WAV fiter, can be used to output wave file, using drectshow framework for programming, which can be integrated in the program, and can also be shipped as COM components to run....


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