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Echo cancellation software

Software eliminates the sound echoes, suitable for voice calls to eliminate the echo. Code echo data obtained through the speakers and MIC voice data through analysis and comparison of the cache, use special algorithms eliminate echoes data, so as to achieve the goal of eliminating echo....

MFCC feature extraction of C++ implementation has been tested

space:normal;" />2 framing an array operation, or setting a fixed number of frames classifies3 write MFCC module code, implement MFCC parameters of the compiler, C++ implementation of MFCC MFCC feature extraction, finally extracting a 13-d about the final results are saved in the file...

C++ implementation of GMM algorithm

GMM developed using c++ algorithm source code, research on speech recognition, vocals, extracting/testing of a friend to consider more carefully, very worthwhile Oh!...

Microsoft TTSapp source

Microsoft provides programming examples of the voice process, the realization of the text read, I type matching...

DirectShow audio samples

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">DirectShow音频采集:采用DirectShow库进行音频采集/录制,很好的代码,可以很方便的当成一个单独模块移植 到其他项目中,拿出来与大家分享。...

VC realize WAV file player

VC realize WAV file player, VC ++ 6.0 to prepare, the main function is to play WAV files, DWORD OpenDevice (); DWORD CloseDevice (); DWORD Play (CWnd * pParentWnd, LPCSTR pFileName); DWORD Stop (); is its main function....

SPI read and write SD card program, usable

MCU SPI mode read and write SD card, use serial port to display the Assistant displays, can be created in the SD card and delete file, rename the file...

WINDOWS SDK audio processing

windows SDK中的音频处理样列代码,主要使用WASAPI来抓取音频数据,学习音频的好资料...

MP3 encoder: lame-3.99.5.tar.gz

size:14px;">开源MP3编码器(libmp3lame),wav encoder to mp3,将wav压缩为mp3格式;有需要的下载....


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