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ETC test scripts

ETC test scripts The script application ETC Yes COS issued an order for the first time and feedback Friends to develop OBU, OBU issued equipment, very useful tool...

Lpc21xx code

space:nowrap;">LPC2000 ADC code exampleLPC2000 ADC cLPC2000 ADC codeLPC2000 ADC code example exampleode example...

stm32 camera test program

size:16px;">it is a program for connect camera to stm32 arm microcontrolerthe chip is stm32f103ret6, a cortex-M3 ARMcompiler is keil...

CPUfreq modified CPU frequency

Xllp_CPUfreq.s,xllp_freq.c,xllp_intc.s,xllp_freq.h four files in the module of the program is to modify the CPU frequency key code before using these files and files in the xllp directory can be compiled together so that you can call them anywhere in your program, modify and read the CPU frequency r...

CAN protocol on lpc2129

THis program is used to send an receive messages in CAN module using lpc2129. Here the Bosch published several versions of the CAN specification and the latest is CAN 2.0 published in 1991. This specification has two parts; part A is for the standard format with an 11-bit identifier, and part B...

Control 30 buttons on 168 / 3286 analog pins based on Arduino

Application backgroundArduino. How to control more than 6 buttons with analoginput pins on Arduino UNO based or similar, without MEGA similar (only ATMEGA 168/328 based microcontroller) With this method, connect max 5 buttons on one analog pin, analog pin 1=> button 1 =>2k resistor & anal...


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