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Analysis on GIS buffer algorithm and its implementation

This algorithm is based on the Internet provides a way for the paper, to write your own code to implement buffer algorithm, this algorithm is designed to service your own project, now posted for the convenience of everyone, so that we prevent any more trouble, but make sure you don't as a scholarly...

Reads the file in tif format code for histograms and thresholding

Reading images in tif format files can display histograms and thresholding...

Bezier curves

Bezier curves (b é zier curve), also known as 贝兹 Curve or a beijiai curve, is a mathematical curve applies to two-dimensional graphics application. Vector graphics software to accurately draw the curve through it, B zier curve segments and nodes composed of nodes are draggable points, lines lik...

Nutation precession calculations

Calculate nutation precession of a C++ program to enter Beijing time, automatically convert Julian day, Julian centuries, and calculate nutation precession pole shift...

GIS image file manipulation basic package

Code includes a graphic file read and display the complete program code is the Foundation of a series of operations on graphics files....

GIS based on spatial development case studies

Without controls, pure C++GIS map operations can run the program directly. SHP data in vector format or AOTOCAD2004DXF format...


Application backgroundWith improvement of the accuracy of seismic exploration, effect of anisotropy for the conventional Kirchhoff prestack depth migration effect can not be ignored. Studies using P-wave nonhyperbolic reflection travel calculating method of anisotropic parameters, sway sets the arra...

A small GIS system written based on VC

Application backgroundThe system does not rely on any third-party support, divided into the landscaping module interface, resource modules, modules, line module, polygon, logic processing module, the module actions base class module and other modules, this resource contains pre-compiled runtime comp...

ArcEngine COM interface-based secondary development

1.ArcEngine reference to the component interface, initialization of the component library, mandated by the interface, create a vector file interface call step...

Gaussian negative projection codes

Gaussian the pros and cons of codes, each code has extensive comments can be used by beginners and students who need to write a small program to provide reference and reference!...


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